Mandi Moerland
Fine Art Painter

Artist Statement:

My artwork is about gesture and moments.  I believe the best paintings are when figure and design fuse and create a window for the viewer to experience something common and at the same time something new.  It's a subjective experience that appears true and obvious in the moment.  The forms in my painting become an " in the moment" experience, and the hope, will have the power to translate an emotion thought, or feeling into a visual experience, and thus "nano" moment of understanding.  Hence, the goal for me is to communicate a dialogue an emotion, a dichotomy or conflict, a story for the viewer to explore..

Visual communication happens so quickly, and this is why I choose to use gesture and movement for  the initial drawing; I think it helps support a dynamic communication to the viewer.  My technique also includes large swatches of brush stroke and color to help support a mood or theme.  

I mostly work with oil paint on canvas.  Most recently, I have been interested in including more drawing techniques within the painting using pencil, oil crayons and oil paint in combination.  Drawing within the paintings seems to add another dimension to the painting's possibilities.  My hope is that my work evokes a moment of dialogue or conversation for the viewer and helps illuminate emotion.